Air Frames Or Photo Frames?



Photo frames are photo frames right? Potato, potato. Well, not all photo frames are created equal, and Air Frames are our favorite by far. Here’s a few reasons why.



Air Frames do not require nails and stick to most, if not all, wall surfaces. Putting them up is as easy as can be, simply peel the stickers and paste them on the wall. As we affectionately call it, ‘paste, stick, and done.’ Gone are the days where you’ll need to hammer nails into the wall just to hang up a few photos.



Unlike traditional photo frames which are often heavy, Air Frames are extremely light, and as we call it, ‘the lightest frames you’ll ever own’. The secret? It’s not magic, but it might as well be. Air Frames are an engineering marvel to behold. The frames itself are made of light, quality plastic, and the interior is made of quality foam, both of which will last you for years to come. Light without sacrificing durability, what more can one ask for in a photo frame?


No Reflective Glare

Air Frames do not have a reflective glare that is characteristic of many photo frames. Why pay for photo frames that won’t allow you to see your precious photos half the time? Or spend extra money to buy anti-glare acrylics or glasses? Save yourself the heartache and money, and simply get yourself some Air Frames instead!


What are you waiting for, get yourself some Air Frames to add to your photo wall today!