Creating Your Own Photo Wall


Photo walls are a great addition to any home. They transform otherwise bland walls into focal points, and ultimately brings character and personality to your living space. What more can one ask for? Read on for a comprehensive guide to creating your own photo wall.



Build a collection of images you love, from photographs to quotes. Once you’re satisfied with your amassed collection, get your images printed out into photo prints and they’ll be ready for your photo wall. Air Frames come with photo prints, which saves you the hassle of having to get your photo prints and photo frames separately. What’s there not to love?



Measure the dimensions of your photo wall, and factor that in as you decide on the arrangement of your Air Frames. Do you prefer a neat or an abstract arrangement? The world’s your oyster.



While you’ll traditionally need a hammer, and nails or picture hooks, you won’t for Air Frames. Air Frames are fuss-free, requiring no nails due to its lightweight nature. Simply peel away the adhesive sticker at the back and paste it on your desired wall surface. It’s that simple, we promise. Be sure to mark out where the frames will be with a pencil and use a spirit level ruler to make sure everything is straight. Once you’ve decided on the placements, all there is left to do is to paste, and you’re done.


Creating your own photo wall is that easy. With that, create your own photo wall today!