Decor Tips for Your Photo Wall

Love your Air Frames? So do we. A photo wall of Air Frames adds a sleek and contemporary look to any style interior, and are a perfect match for any home. Although black and white are neutrals that complement just about anything, if you’re looking for that perfect balance, here’s some factors to consider when styling your Air Frames.


Picture Print Colour


As a general rule of thumb, black Air Frames work best with high contrast and darker photos. White Air Frames on the other hand, work best with low contrast and lighter photos. However, the frames can also reinforce the highlight colour that captures attention. For instance, if you desire to emphasize the white elements of a photo, a white Air Frame will best serve that purpose.


Wall Colour

Black Air Frames go best on blue, grey, white, red, and beige walls. White Air Frames on the other hand, best goes with everything else. A pro tip: when pairing white Air Frames with a white wall, be sure to match the undertones. If the undertones aren’t aligned, one might look too stark against the other. That being said, avoiding pairing your white Air Frames with off-white or cream wall, as Air Frames are a sleek white frame, and will look too stark against those coloured walls.  Off-white or cream walls best go with distressed white frames.


With this, you’re all ready to set up your perfect photo wall and bring your home decor to the next level. What are you waiting for?