Photo Editing Tips For Great Photos


Photo editing can seem intimidating. With so many functions and the near limitless permutations, what does one even do? Fear not, with our handy guide to editing tips for great photos, you’ll be a pro ready to bring your artistic visions to life in no time.


White Balance

White balance is an adjustment to remove unrealistic color casts, so as to keep neutrals neutral. Technical jargon aside, white balance relates to color levels, and if the overall color tone of your photo is unnatural or simply displeasing to your eye, adjusting the white balance will fix it.


Exposure and Contrast

Exposure is the process of adjusting the brightness or darkness of the photo. Do be conservative in your use, as overexposure can result in noise, which is a grainy veil in a photo. It obscures details in the photo, which makes the photo appear significantly worse than it ought to be. Contrast describes the visual ratio of the different tones in a photo, specifically the relationship between the darkest and brightest parts of an image. Contrast is usually described to be low, medium or high, depending on the extent of the differences between the darkest and lightest portions of an image. While a middle contrast is typically preferred, there are no hard and fast rules.


Color Vibrancy and Saturation

Vibrance and saturation are often confused for one another, but there lies subtle differences between the two. Vibrance increases the color intensity in neutral color tones and maintains color intensity in the brighter colors, while saturation enhances the color intensity in all colors. While vivid colors make photos pop, it is important not to over-saturate, or the photos risk looking unnatural.



Sharpening grants to a photo a crisper and cleaner look, which is always desirable. However, it will be wise to not go overboard with the function as over sharpening can exaggerate background noise.


At the very heart of things, simply remember that moderation is key and you’ll be all good to go in your photo editing journey. A pro tip, frame up your proudest photos with our Air Frames as DIY art pieces for your photo wall at home. Minimalistic and stylish, Air Frames complement your photos perfectly, without overshadowing them.