How To Care For Your Air Frames


Are you looking for photo frame to add to your photo wall? Well, Air Frames are the perfect photo frames for you! Durable and low in maintenance, what more can one ask for? While Air Frames generally require minimal upkeep, here are a few practical tips to care for your Air Frames if you wish to go above and beyond to keep them spick and span for the years to come.


Use a Soft, Slightly Damp Cloth, To Clean Your Air Frames

Firstly, do not use a wet cloth to clean your Air Frames. Instead, use a soft, slightly damp cloth, to wipe them clean when necessary. That is of course, do not clean the adhesive strip itself. Liquids may weaken the adhesive, which is less than ideal.


Avoid Moving Your Air Frames

Secondly, as a general rule of thumb, avoid rearranging your Air Frames more than you have to. This is vital in ensuring the longevity of your Air Frames, as the constant sticking and un-sticking motion risks weakening the adhesive.


Use a Piece of Wax Paper To Store Your Air Frames

However, in circumstances where you do have to store your Air Frames, do not store them together. Doing so will likely weaken the adhesive, if you even succeed at prying them apart. Instead, use slot pieces of wax paper in-between your Air Frames during storage.


Durable and low in maintenance, Air Frames are a great addition to your photo wall. More than just photos on walls, Air Frames keep your cherished memories tangible and alive, so why not grow your collection today?