Printing Tips For Our Air Frames

We're back with another blog post. Our Air Frames is a picture frame sets product that allows you to framed your photos without all the fuss of drilling on your walls. Plus, In today's blog post, we will be talking about printing tips when printing on our Air Frames.

Avoid printing Whatsapp or Social Media images

Unfortunately, Whatsapp or social media images is not suitable to print our Air Frames as the file sizes are usually compress. As such, the photos will come out blurry due to its low resolution. We advice printing the original image for a better photo resolution for your square picture frames. 

Opt for the border option if you have text near the edge

If your images have text at the edge of the images, we advice not printing them without border as it will be cut off due to bleeding. Try to go for a bordered option of our Air Frames to avoid any text to get cut off. Not only that, it gives your images a certain touch of style that may just be what you need!


Keep your photo ratio consistent

Our Air Frames have a 1:1 ratio since it is a squared photo. Though there are times when we want to keep our photos a certain way as we want to avoid cropping anyone else out of the image. Our tip is to keep the photo ratio consistent when cropping your photos with your other Air Frames (as it comes in a set) to achieve a clean look on your wall. To do this, we suggest cropping/extending your photos in advance first. Below are some examples:


Have a theme in mind

Having a consistent look create a beautiful aesthetic as you framed them on your wall. Our Air Frames is kind of like an Instagram feed - you can remove or add more to create a beautiful gallery wall with the photo frames. Having a theme in mind - be it a colour theme or a favourite trip theme, will create a unique wall collage of photo frames on your wall.


And that's it for now! We hope you found tips useful. If you need any help, do contact us at and we will get back to you in 1-2 working days time. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for more inspiration for our Air Frames.

'Till next time!