Spreading the joy with Air Frames: Your guide in ordering Air Frames

Our Air Frames are great way to display your precious memories and make your home more you. What makes our frames different from other wall photo frames is its a hassle-free process and allows you to have it framed up in 5 minutes. An easy way for you to create a gallery wall without all the fuss. Our light as air frames and 'stickable photos' features of our frame are the key to what makes Air Frames unique. 

We have listed some important details and tips in ordering our Air Frames. 

What colour frames do we have?

Our Air Frames comes in two colours: Classic White and Sleek Black. 

Can I avoid cropping my image?

All images will have to be cropped into a square as our Air Frames are squared photo frames and it looks best with squared images. If you wish to avoid cropping anything important, you can adjust it accordingly on our website using the crop tool to have additional white borders.

Can I have a border in my prints for my Air Frames?

Yes you can. You can choose a bordered print option when you are placing your order. The border will be around 2.5cm. Unfortunately, we are unable to custom sized the border as it is fixed for our Air Frames. 

How do I order?

Easy! Upload your photos through our website and choose if you wish to go with or without the border and the colour of the frame. Once you have placed the order, all you have to do is sit back and relax while we do the rest. You will receive your order in 3 working days (does not include weekends, public holidays and the day you ordered). The best part is that shipping is free, always!


And that's it! It's never been easier in ordering wall photo frames right to your doorstep than our Air Frames. Our Air Frames are great in enhancing your home with displaying your favourite moments at a reasonable price. We hope you found our guide informative and found some inspiration to get a set for yourself!

'Till next time, cheers!