Stickable Photo Frames: Air Frames & its different layouts

Have an empty wall in your house and looking for something to decorate it? Look no further, our stickable photo frames (Air Frames) have got you covered. Air Frames allows you to decorate your walls in the most creative ways without damaging your walls. With that being said, some of you may have a hard time in determining which layout to go for. Not to worry, we have come up with a few layouts to get you inspired!

Squared Layout

The squared layout is great especially if you do not have a huge wall space but still want to make the most of the wall space. This layout is simple and chic to display your favourite moments of your family.


Vertical Stack Layout

Another creative way you could display your photos vertical stack your stickable photo frames. This is great if you would like to decorate on an empty vertical wall space.


The Quad

This layout requires a fair amount of space on the wall. It is a simple way to show the progression in your life. For example from your marriage to finally starting a family. 



Block Party

The block party layout is a similar layout to the quad layout but 2.0 version where you can add more photo frames on to it. As the saying goes 'the more the merrier'. This layout requires a bit more wall space and we recommend using this layout to show the growth and progression throughout your life or even your favourite travel photos.



Wrapping Up

With that, we hope that you find the various layouts useful! If you guys need some inspiration on what to print on the Air Frames, you could get check out other blog post: Stickable Photos Frames: Ideas To Print On Air Frames

So what are you waiting for? Head over to our product page and purchase your first stickable photo frames.