Stickable Photo Frames: Ideas To Print On Airframes

Welcome back to another blog post! In our previous blog post, we shared some printing tips for our stickable photo frames - Air Frames. Give it a read if you have yet to – Printing Tips Printing Tips For Our Air Frames. We will be sticking to the topic of wall photo frames in this week's blogpost. We will be sharing on what you can print on our Air Frames other than family photos. It's definitely great to have family photos on our wall but there are times when we wish to add something different or more to our walls. 



Travel photos are a classic if you want something different on your walls. From your favourite travel location to one that you will never forget - these are some memorable way to remember the fun times you had when you return to Singapore. 


Creative Photographic Shots

If you are into creative shots done by your favourite photographers (or done by yourself), you might want to look at printing those photos. These prints will give your walls a splash of life and uniqueness that gives makes your home more you. 


Sights & Breathtaking Architecture


A scenic and breathtaking architecture image always brings they give you a sense of adventure and tranquility in your homes. Like your travel photos, you can print some of sights you've seen during your past travels. If you're not a professional photographer or you don't have a certain photo you would like to print, not to worry. There many free photos available online such as Unspash or pexels that will have what you are looking for. 




Sometimes we have a quote that is memorable or what we live by. Other times, it is something we relate to - even at how cheeky the quote is. Why not get them printed and displayed with our photo frames. There are many quotes online - from inspirational to funny ones - you'll definitely find something that you relate to. 




You could consider displaying beautiful drawings or artworks in a wall photo frame. There are many to choose from online - it could a simple line artwork or a city map of your favourite city, you can get one that suits your style and your home. 


And that is all for today. We hope through this blog post, you have an idea of what else you can display in your homes with our stickable photo frames to create your home more you. 

Till the next one, cheers!